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The classes at Japanese Karate Academy are held in a Japanese tradition. A strong emphasis is placed on respect and discipline. All students are expected to show respect to the Sensei, senior students, and each other. While other schools focus on competition or conditioning, our primary concern is self-defense. Please don't misunderstand, we do a lot of physical conditioning and compete in tournaments whenever possible, but our goal is to survive when faced with a life-threatening situation. These concepts also apply to confrontations with bullies, an unfortunate common occurrence in our children's lives.

Of course, it's important to have fun and play a few games too, so I try to find a balance. 


Traditional dojos historically are not commercially driven. We are much more

focused on training  and growing the art rather than making money.

For this reason, we only charge $80/mo for unlimited classes.

Siblings and family members are discounted to $64/mo.

Follow the link below to register.

First Responder discount

In support of my brothers and sisters in the EMS, FIRE and Law Enforcement world, 

we offer a 20% discount to all first responders. Follow the link below to register, and make sure to message us about your first responder status. 

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When paying for uniforms and gear, I have found that Venmo usually works best.
Our Venmo profile is....


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